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To encourage young ladies to “dream it and it could happen” –MarloHampton


Expert Stephanie Hunt, Author gives essential advice on the do’s and dont's.

It is said that those born under the Aquarius sign have a social conscience and are humanitarians, interested in making the world a better place. It could be my astrological sign or simply the life I have lived that moves me to push and strive for change. It could be the life I lived, that wants for every young girl who is struggling, feels abandoned, lives without affection and guidance, to have hope and to have the kind of support that allows them to one day feel pride, confidence, strength and success, personally and professionally.

I remember the loneliness and isolation of shuttling from one foster home to another, never feeling as if I had family or refuge. In many places I was not even provided a key to the door; hugs and attention were reserved for other girls. I always felt like a stranger, an outcast. I remember hopelessness and not seeing a way out. I remember the despair of thinking that the future would, for me, not become brighter. I stand here today a version of myself I had never dreamed possible. I could not have imagined arriving at a place of inner peace, confidence, strength, perseverance and drive. I could never have envisioned arriving at a place of gratitude, for through my hardships, my pain and endless difficult times I have become the woman I am today. Through all of my experiences, I came to be capable, independent, motivated, college educated, an entrepreneur and someone who desires more than anything to bring opportunities to young girls starting out in life just like me.

I created Glam It Up to help young girls build their self-esteem, to give them a platform from which to create their dreams, to teach them the fundamentals of life that go overlooked when you are growing up amidst such turmoil. I think about the challenges of going out in the world as a young woman, not knowing anything about managing money, unfocused about my education, uncertain about the possibilities. I created Glam It Up to be a resource for young girls, a place where they can ask questions and can be inspired, where they can learn and can dream, where they can realize that despite the circumstances they may find themselves in today, there is tomorrow. There is an amazing life awaiting them if they believe and discover that their best resource lies within.

Glam It Up, as the name suggests, would not be Marlo's if its inaugural event was not truly GLAMOROUS! Through all of my trials, as far back as I can remember, I adored clothes, and the feeling I would have when I was nicely dressed. For much of my young life, fashion and the love for it were all I had, and today fashion continues to be a source of pride and comfort for me. Thus, I gave 25 young girls a day of pampering - hair did, make-up done, nails, what?! It melted my heart to see them shine and to offer their newly beautified selves a lesson in etiquette - how to be a beautiful young lady inside and out. But we have only just begun! I have so much in store for these girls; there will be arts, there will be crafts, there will be culture, there will be business, there will be fitness and entertainment and of course, there will be fashion. But mostly there will be my heart, the love I have for them, my high hopes and my commitment to them one day being sexy, glamorous, amazing women, who look back in disbelief at how far they have come and are proud of all they have achieved.

Love Marlo

Lunch, 7/19/11
Marlo kicked off the first Glam It Up for foster care girl’s event at the W Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia    more...

Keri Hilson Concert 8/6/11
The Glam It Up Girls attended the Keri Hilson concert in Atlanta Georgia and were even invited on stage to dance and sing with Keri.    more...

WNBA Game, 10/07/11
Marlo took a few of the Glam It Up girls to a WNBA Atlanta Dream finals game. The girls snacked on delicious treats and cheered on the Dream team.    more...

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